New Theme, Some Changes and Bukkit!

Hey guys, this is just a short announcement that we have changed the logo, themes and background of the website!  Also, big news that I forgot to tell you guys about……Flanielcraft has officially been upgraded to Bukkit!!!  Enjoy the server and its new improvements!


The Flanielcraft Forum!

Hello, guys! I’m pleased to announce that we have successfully created a Flanielcraft forum for all of your help and suggestions! You can find the forum here or you can go to the new Forum section.

So what are you excited for in the forum? Tell me below!


A Flanielcraft Mobile App?

Hey, guys! I’ve got some important news, there’s a POSSIBILITY that Flanielcraft will have an app for iPhone and iPod Touch! Now, I’m not certain if I’ll be able to publish it, but I’m working on it, and it might just never get published. But who knows? Tell me in the comments: If the app DOES come to the App Store, what will it feature? What will you be able to do? If I get a lot of comments, the best answer will be posted the next time I speak. Thanks for reading, and be sure to subscribe!


Hey guys, I want you to answer me this:  should Flanielcraft shortened be Flancraft?  What do ya think?  Comment now!


Guys, this is a random post, but do you think it should be “monkeys” or “monkies”?  Should monkeys even BE in MC?  They are gonna add the jungle biome.  What do YOU guys think?  Comment or else!


Welcome to Flanielcraft!  Now, as you might have guessed, it IS whitelisted.  To apply, click here.  Flanielcraft is a bit exclusive, just to keep the players safe.  The name of the game is survival.  Survive, or DIE!!!  Please consider applying, it’s FREE!  I hope you guys have fun on the server!